Why become a member

  • You have acquired the skills, knowledge, experience and demonstrated your ability over the years to perform and manage Quality and or related functions such as Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Audits, other ISO-based roles or other fields in organizations,
  • You feel ready to move up into the governing body to direct and lead the role of Quality and Improvement organization wide,
  • You wish to network and collaborate with fellow likeminded colleagues to advance your common professional interests, and to share your knowledge, insights and wisdom with one another in your own purpose-made, conducive environment and platform,
  • You want to play your role in influencing business, national, international government policy and society towards a world of better quality,
  • As a veteran, you desire to mentor and guide up-and-coming professionals and directors into this field; whilst as a newbie, you would like to be mentored, guided and coached by those who have travelled the road before you,
  • You value a sense of camaraderie, freedom and peace of mind in fully exercising your professional role and independence,
  • You would like to learn and appreciate what it takes to function in this new role, get qualified and become a thought leader in Total Quality and Improvement,
  • You are passionate about quality and improvement, want to be part of the solution to reverse the global pandemic of poor quality, to place quality at the forefront of what gets done, through ensuring that the Right things get done Right the first time and All the time, by All.

The Directors of Quality and Improvement is your home and platform to enable you to achieve these goals.

Who can become a member

Find out about eligibility for membership, and the process to become a member of the DoQI.

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Membership benefits

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