Gurus of Quality

Gurus of quality have concluded that for organizations to meet their customer and other requirements consistently, effectively and to become successful and sustainable, it is critical for them to achieve and operate at the highest level or stage of maturity in matters of quality.

Directors of Quality and Improvement

The Directors of Quality and Improvement (DoQI) has recognized the dependency and criticality of enabling, capacitating and empowering governing bodies to achieve the highest state of maturity in terms of their governance of total quality and improvement, so as to enable them to effectively preside over and lead their organizations in all matters of total quality and sustained improvement. This is one of the major gaps which blunts, hampers and retards  the effectiveness of governing bodies and the organizations which they preside over, globally. This gap presents a high, ongoing, systemic and strategic risk to organizations, including all arms of State, and is at the root of many of the catastrophic quality failures in both Business and State organizations world wide.

The DoQI is an international professional body which is focused on developing, qualifying and being the global home of all professionals who occupy the higher role of directorship on the governing body (e.g. boards of directors, legislatures) to focus on the portfolio of Quality and Improvement in all types of organizations and State institutions.

The DoQI is also a home for those in the fields of Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Compliance, Governance, and any other professionals whose roles derive from implementing any of the ISO standards and guidelines, or those who are in other non-quality professions but who wish to develop themselves into this field.

To ensure improved responsiveness and contextual relevance, the DoQI will establish local chapters in each country.

Be the professional body and the global voice for Directors of Quality and Improvement. This role will capacitate governing bodies and organizations by empowering, consolidating and enabling effective governance and management of all aspects of quality and improvement.

Quality Mature governing bodies = High Performing organizations and Countries

Prepare, equip, organize, host and develop professional members of governing bodies who focus on total organizational quality and improvement

Strategic affiliations and alliances

The DoQI is affiliated or aligned with the following organizations or bodies :