Education, Training and Development

Education and Training of Directors of Quality and Improvement

Education, training and development plays a very important part of the formal process to build the competency of the director of Quality and Improvement. To equip and qualify aspirant directors of Quality and Improvement, and to help them achieve their full status and potential, the DoQI offers focused, purpose-made, short learning programmes (SLP) that have been designed:

  • around the specific challenges which the directors of Quality and Improvement will face in executing their roles,
  • to impart an optimal blend of practical and theoretical knowledge to enable the directors to immediately implement and apply what they have learnt into their work environments,
  • to be accessible and to be one of the best investments that the aspirant director can make to grow their own career, 

The training interventions enable members to attain the relevant membership level, and to continuously develop their professional competencies.

Read more about the available training programme here. Please note that training is available to members only.

Read more about the investment required here.

Information about continuous professional development will be made available to all members during the training sessions and in future updates.